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02 April 2014 @ 09:16 am


I'm catbear/Blue and this is the (now defunct) LiveJournal community for my public fanfiction, currently only containing comment pages for a few fics. My fanfiction can now be found on ao3 (or, in the case of exchange stories, will make its way there eventually).

Rating and Content

To be quite honest I have always read extensively (and continue to do so) outside of the fanfiction community, and in the world of published and sold books there aren't really any warnings for written material. Therefore, though I will do my best in that regard, using the ao3 built-in warnings and providing trigger warnings, there will always be a certain element of "read at your own risk" present. That's my personal philosophy on the matter.


Fanfiction is FICTION and I do not in any way, shape or form confuse it with REAL LIFE. Just like authors who write about murders shouldn't be accused of murder, writers who write about shipping etc. should be treated similarly. You can find several excellent articles about this subject online, and that's all I feel the need to say on the matter.

Copyright or Rather Lack Thereof on My Part

I do not own any of the characters, whether they are based upon real people or characters in published works. All prompts and inspirations have been indicated to the best of my ability and if a work is an adaptation/remix/derivation of another work in terms of plot or general world and themes, that too has been indicated.

Notice about Updates

Because I have a serious exchange addiction, I'm usually writing instead of crossposting. [I'm currently on a sabbatical from joining exchanges/writing events.] I no longer post stories here; all stories will eventually make their way to ao3 and my shiritori stories are available on that community. Stories written for events are generally linked at tinybitsoflight (accurate up to a certain point).

Original Fiction

Although I've only begun to write fanfiction in the last few years, I have written original fiction in the past and will continue to do so.


To find my work, please consult ao3 and my shiritori as well as the links on tinybitsoflight.